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Building Excellence Since 1948

Founded in the fertile grounds of ambition and resilience, Urartu Construction has been a beacon of excellence in the construction and contracting industry since 1948. Our journey began under the visionary leadership of Selahattin AKPINAR, whose dedication to quality and innovation laid the foundation for a company that would transcend the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary.

At Urartu Construction, we are driven by a singular mission: to enhance the world around us through superior construction solutions that stand the test of time. Our commitment to integrating modern technology with tried-and-tested methodologies allows us to deliver projects that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

+70 years experience

We have 70 (seventy) years of experience in this sector with 32 (thirty-two) completed projects and more.

985.331.208 USD and counting more

We can take and implement various of projects. We already completed total of 985.331.208 USD and counting more.

+14 Collaborators

We already have collaborations more than 14 (fourteen) companies. With various of projects from private to public.

Our Projects

From the towering dams that harness the power of nature to luxurious residences that redefine comfort and style, our portfolio is a testament to our diverse capabilities. Notable projects include the Manisa Ahmetli Kelebek Dam and the prestigious Urla 8 Houses, each reflecting our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. You can click photos for details or download catalog from "Download Catalog"

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ahmetli kelebek manisa dam

Technical Details

The dam, which was built with the RCCmethod, is 62 meters high from the foundation and was built using 120,000 m3 ofCompressed Concrete. The dam, which has a water storage volume of 23 millionm3, will serve to irrigate 22,670 decares of land.

Ahmetli Kelebek Dam Manisa

Kütahya Beşkarış Dam Drone photo

Technical Details

The body of the dam, which is a claybody fill type. Body filling volume is 5.100.000 m³ and its height from thefoundation is 65.00 m. At normal water level, the lake volume is 75.70 hm³ andthe lake area water level is 5.12 km². The dam provides irrigation service toan area of ​​5.558 hectares.

Altıntaş Beşkarış Dam Kütahya

Mehmet Karaca Dam photo tokat

Technical Details

The body volume of the dam, which is aclay core rock fill type, is 1,000,000 m3 and the body height is 55 m. It isbuilt to supply the drinking water needs of the province of Tokat.

Dartaş Mehmet Karaca Dam Tokat

sakarya kışlaköy dam photo

Technical Details

The body volume of the dam, which is a clay body filltype, is 265,000m3 and its height from the foundation is 35m.

Merkez Kışlaköy Dam Sakarya

Damla hepp photo

Technical Details

Damla HEPP, with an installed power of6MW and an energy generation capacity of 24 million kWh/year, is a 10kmtransmission channel and regulator type hydroelectric power plant. Theinvestment was made by our company's participation and it is at the level of35%.

Damla HEPP

Sude hepp photo

Technical Details

Sude HEPP, with an installed power of 6MW and anenergy generation capacity of 29 million kWh/year, is a 8km transmissionchannel and regulator type hydroelectric power plant. The investment was madeby our company's participation and it is at the level of 35%


photo of a nice sea view with beach from bird eye view and urla houses

Technical Details

Urla 8 Houses project, which is one of the prestigeprojects of URLA with its seafront location in the Urla district of Izmir,consists of 8 ultra-luxury twin villas.

İzmir Urla 8 Houses

kartal rahmanlar building photo

Technical Details

12 flat residential project completedby combining functional architecture and luxury on our own land. A residence project with 10 flats,designed in a luxury worthy of its location, on our own land, located in one ofthe most beautiful places in Kartal İstanbul

İstanbul Kartal Rahmanlar Resident Project

bolu mining field operation photo

Technical Details

Stripping and operating activities of Göynük Coal Mines within Tki were carried out.

TKİ Göynük Coal Mining Operations

bolu göynük mining photo

Technical Details

Stripping and operating activities of Göynük Coal Mines within Tki were carried out.

TKİ Göynük Coal Mining Operations

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List of All Projects
Employer Name Project Name Scope & Purpose
D.S.İ. Genel Müdürlüğü Kütahya Beşkarış DAM Clay Core Irrigation Dam
D.S.İ. Genel Müdürlüğü Manisa Ahmetli Kelebek DAM RCC Body Irrigation Dam
D.S.İ. Genel Müdürlüğü Adapazarı Kışlaköy DAM Clay Core Irrigation Dam
D.S.İ. Genel Müdürlüğü Tokat Merkez Mehmet Karaca DAM Clay Core Rock Fill Drinking
NK Enerji A.Ş. Damla HEPP 18 km Transmission Channel 6*2MW,
NK Enerji A.Ş. Sude HEPP HEPP Project with installed capacity
Bolu Municipality Bolu Outside Road and Fixing Tasks Road concrete and asphalt pavement heat
T.K.İ. Genel Müdürlüğü Between Göynük - Himmetoğlu Logistic Roads Göynük Stripping Access Road construction work
T.K.İ. Genel Müdürlüğü Bolu - Göynük Coal Mining Operations Stripping work and coal mining
Etibank Genel Müdürlüğü Mardin-Mazıdağı Pickling Work Mardin-Mazıdağı mines preparation for businesses
Erzincan Public Works Directorate Erzincan State Hospital Erzincan State Hospital doctor’s residences and additional building construction
P.T.T. Genel Müdürlüğü Sinop - Boyabat P.T.T. Building Sinop Boyabat P.T.T. building construction
Ankara Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü Ankara Üniversitesi Science Faculty Lab. Faculty of Science Laboratory building construction
İmar İskan Bakanlığı - Ankara Adıyaman Disaster Houses 184 units in Adıyaman region disaster house cons.
Ministry of Finance Ministry of Finance Inspection Board Residences Ankara Bahçelievler Ministry of Finance Board of Inspection 24 Flats Housing Cons.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) Kartal Municipality Service Building IBB Kartal Service Building construction
Bakırköy Municipality Bahçelievler Municipality Building Bahçelievler Municipality Building Construction
Bakırköy Municipality Yenibosna Region Rainwater Work Ø600 - Ø800 concrete pipe laying and manhole cons.
Bakırköy Municipality Kocasinan - Güngören Region Wastewater and Stormwater Channel Bakırköy Kocasinan Region waste water, rain water channel, curb, pavement and otherworks
Urartu İnşaat A.Ş Ümitköy Villas Construction of 36 villas in Ankara Ümitköy
Urartu İnşaat A.Ş Kartal Özel Home Projects Istanbul Kartal Private Housing Projects
Urartu İnşaat A.Ş Urla Viila Construction of 8 villas Izmir Urla Luxury Villa Cons. Investment Project
Ministry of Public Works, 5th Regional Directorate Education Center Garden Film Radio TV Education Center Garden & Retaining Walls
İller Bankası Genel Müdürlüğü Bolu Drinking Water and Water Storage Cons. Ø600 pipe laying and water storage work
Ministry of Public Works, 2nd Regional Directorate Bandırma Indoor Sports Hall Construction Bandırma Sport Center Construction
Ministry of Public Works, 2nd Regional Directorate Bursa Indoor Sports Hall Construction Indoor Swimming Pool Construction
İSKİ General Management Kocasinan-Güngören Bölgesi İçme suyu isale hattı Bakırköy Kocasinan Region drinking water transmission line and various works preparation for businesses
ASELSAN Ankara ASELSAN Facilities and Infrastructure Construction Various Facility Construction and Water Bringing Work

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Leveraging decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional construction projects.

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Commitment to green building practices and sustainability, ensuring eco-friendly solutions.

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Adherence to the highest standards of quality, certified by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.

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Frequenlty Asked Questions

We tried to give some frequently asked questions. If you have more qustions you can always reach us.

Which kind of projects can you provide?

You can reach us for your personal and commercial projects.

Which kind of construction projects can you provide?

Dams, HEPP, Luxury Residentials, and Administrative Buildings thanks to its experienced staff, strong machinery park, and special equipment supply.

Do you have any accreditation?

We internationally accredited ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications and included them in the integrated management system.

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